Pesky Increases...Help!

Hi All! I am currently working on a test pattern, so I can’t share the pattern. Here’s my question. I just got to a section where I am to break my yarn and start with a new color.

I counted to make sure I was correct in my stitch count and I am missing three stitches on the right side of the shawl. The left side of the shawl is at the perfect stitch count. I know that I was at the correct count two rows back.

Would you tink back to find the mistake? Or if I increase by three stitches (by using a M1), will it be visible since I’m switching to a different color yarn? BTW, this thing is at almost 400 stitches, so it would be a lot of tinking :slight_smile:


Since it’s a test pattern that means you are checking to see if the pattern is correct, if anything is unclear, and how well it comes out so you can report to the designer. So you will need to tink back to see if the pattern is incorrect or if it’s just user error.

If this was just a pattern for yourself then sometimes just increasing can work. Not always, but sometimes.

I know that it is user error because my stitch count was correct two rows before…it was a four row repeat. I know I did the increases on the previous row; however maybe I missed some yo’s since I was multi-tasking. It is for myself; however I am a perfectionist, so maybe I will just tink back.

You may not have to tink back (or at least not back 2 rows) if you can locate the problem and it is indeed a missed yo. You can pick up the strand between sts on the next row and work that as the yo stitch.