Pesky cable holes...yuk

Hi all, I have started a “cable pattern” hat…it’s been awhile since I’ve done them…any trick to “reducing” the holes in between? I know that they can’t be helped but mine are huge…I thought maybe I was holding the working yarn incorrectly when I took sts off (holding them in back) but I watched Amy’s video again, and I’m o.k. there…any thoughts? And I do take off as to p hold them in back…k then k off the cable needle…as I am doing a rt twist cable.

Nope, it’s normal for them to look big as you’re making them, but they’re not so bad a few rows beyond and when you wash/block them after you done. You slip them onto the cable needle with the needle points tip to tip as if you were sliding them along one needle. Sounds like you’re doing it right; cables with a lot of stitches (4 or more crossed over) are going to gap a little more than crossing 2 sts because of there being so many sts. Also if you knit tight, this tends to make them pull more and create a larger gap. Knit with a larger needle overall, or just on the row before and the crossover row and that may help.

Holes in your cables will be very noticeable at first because the needle is actually holding the individual stitches in a rigid line which causes them to pull and stretch, causing the holes. Just keep working and as the distance between your cable row and the needles increase, the cabled stitches will relax more and the holes will close up more. If you still have trouble, though, just follow Suzeeq’s suggestions because she’s right on target!.. as usual!