Peruvian Highland Wool--Elann

Have any of you tried this yarn? It SAYS it is soft but I trust y’all more than I would trust them to not just be saying that to me…lol.

(That sweater puzzles the heck out of me. My OCD would never let me wear a sweater with a hem like that and my claustrophobia would never let me wear that collar! :shock:)

I haven’t tried the yarn either, but was wondering.

AND I have to agree about the sweater. I’m not OCD, but it would drive me nuts. I’d be tugging the bottom all the time and I don’t like necks like that. :??

I’ve been tempted before, but I seem to remember reading somewhere (here?) that it’s comparable to KP WOTA. If it’s softer and less pilly, I’d sure like to know. Those colors are great.

ETA: Have you checked out the wiseneedle reviews yet?

I bought a bag of it to make a sweater, but all I’ve done so far is knit a swatch. So far, though, I think it’s nice, and softer than WOTA. I hear it’s a bit more durable too.

well based on those reviews (on a site I have never seen before…COOL!) I don’t think I can bring myself to buy it for the afghan I was considering. I fear I am going to have to go with Encore and I just don’t love Encore very much. :wall:

:teehee: I still vote for the alpaca… :shrug:

I’ve worked with this yarn before and it is reasonably soft, but not for a wearable. I’ve heard several reports that this is better than KP WOTA if you are going to be wearing it, as it is less scratchy. I’m sure someone else will chime in.