Personalised knit- recommendations

Hi everyone,

I’m going to make a little cardigan/jacket for my niece (born in April) ready for the winter.

I’m going to try and stitch her name on it, something like in the photo below. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that I should know before I get started?

I’m guessing it’s just a chain stitch over any knit? Are there any other ways people know? Is there a specific font you can recommend? How do you transfer the writing to the knit- do you draw it on, if so, what with?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s chain stitch! The only thing I can say is use yarn of a similar weight to the knitted garment - no lighter otherwise the stitches can ‘sink in’ to the fabric. Maybe you could use locking stitch markers or safety pins to mark out the space you’re planning to put the letters?