Personal Footprints by Cat Bordhi

Has anyone purchased and/or tried the socks in Cat Bordhi’s newest book yet?? What do you think?? Also, has anyone tried the new square needles?? Opinions?? :think:

Personal Footprints technique seems to be an enhancement of the Houdini Socks which is a free pattern available from Collective Twist. I’ve made several pair of those, and after watching some of the videos on YouTube for Personal Footprints, I’ve incorporated some of those ideas, too.

I think it’s a great way to make socks. I love how the heel fits…based on the concept that a heel is just another toe.

I have two pair of the Houdini Socks OTN now.

This one? Have you bought it already? It’s on my Christmas Wish List. Even Ravelry doesn’t show and completed projects from the book yet.

Those square needles look interestinig to me, but I mostly use circular needles now so I just can’t justify the expense.

I dont know about the book, but I LOVE the new Kollage squares. They have some older wooden ones that I really didn’t like, but the new metal ones-- they are the only ones I use now. I’d get a set of DPNs or a circular and try them and see what you think and then if you like them, go for it. It’s changed my knitting, completely. The one warning is that the cord is ultra thin on the smaller circulars. Some people don’t care for that.

I just watched the youtube videos for this book. This is a very interesting way to knit socks. I am going to have to try this!

Thanks all for your replies.:muah:
I have the book on order at my LYS (Webs) and they say it will be in a few weeks. I can not wait to look at it. I have done some socks from Pathways by Cat and they are amazing. I have tried some of the square needles and am in love with them, even more so than the addi turbos and knitpicks. Thanks again and happy knitting. :heart: