Persian Tile blanket newbie #ambitious

Hi I’m new & need some help please. I’m going to attempt a Persian Tile blanket :grimacing:. (I know this is ambitious but I’m going to try.) Its in U.K. terminology & that’s what I’m following. So I get 5ch join with ss to join. But I’m not sure on Round 1: 5ch (counts as 1tr & 2 ch), [1tr into ring, 2ch] 7 times. Am I right in thinking I do 1 tr back into the 2nd loop on from my ss I used to join the round? And then ch 2? Sorry in advance as I’m probably going to be asking quite a lot. Hopefully you’ll be kind & patient. I need to do this as I’m trying to stop smoking & don’t want to eat instead. Thanks in advance. :pray:

Just watched a YouTube clip think I’ve got it!

You do the tr directly into the circle you made NOT into the chain itself!


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Thank you.