Perfect tiny hand-wound balls

Hi all

I’ve seen those tiny perfect round balls of leftovers, the size and shape of ping-pong balls. Does anyone know how those people wind them so perfectly? I got one when I bought sock wool recently too. I want to make some! But the only way I can get something so perfectly round is to glue one end to a golf ball and start wrapping.


The trick is to start with a square, and keep rounding it out… just takes practice!

THAT’S EVEN WORSE! How the f*** do I wind a CUBE?

Where’s the WTF icon?

Seriously, I just try to even out the uneven wobbly bits? Hmmm… good thing I’m always up for a challenge.


Cube? :??

I just use Amy’s center pull ball instructions.

[color=indigo]It just takes practice. Wind the yarn around your hand several times. Then take that big loop twist and fold into two loops and stack. Use that as your core and start winding, turning slightly with each wrap. :happydance: [/color]

Maybe you’re trying too hard? When I wind yarn balls, I just start winding, barely look at it while I’m winding and turning the ball, and then forget about when I’m finished. Do they have to be “perfect” anyway? :??

What do you use them for once they are rolled? :??

You knit with them. :teehee:

No! Sacrilege! I want those little ones. I love using my ball winder, but I would like to put my leftovers in glass containers, I just bought a few. A huge brandy glass, one with a lid that looks like a lolly jar, and a martini glass, among others. Cheap from the Sallies. I’m thinking a tiny ball of green sock yarn for the martini glass, maybe with a bamboo straight cable needle stuck in. Thanks for all your advice.


I agree that I just make balls that come out round, I don’t even think about it, you just turn the ball slightly with each wrap. I bought some skeins of yarn that match the decore in my living room, and bought a gorgeous rustic looking basket, made round balls of yarn, and viola! Instant centerpiece for my coffee table!

We’re now up to rolling cubes? :thud: