Perfect k1 p1

Could any1 please let me know how to perfect k1 p1, i mean to make it really neat looking. There must be some sort of trick. Thankyou :think:


unfortunatly i have been for years and it is as neat as any other but i really would prefer it to look as if it were as tight and straight as machine knit

You can’t really get the same look in hand knitting as machine knitting. If you have the ribbing on the edge of a piece, it looks a lot tidier if you use a needle one or two sizes smaller than the rest of the item. It also evens out when you wash or block the item.

ye i usually use very small needles for that rib and it works to an extent, i think i may be too particular, haha, thankyou!!

Here’s a thread from several months ago that may give you some ideas about fixing ribbing.

Oh my gosh!! Thanks a mil, i will be trying this in the morning!! Her work looks very even!! Thanks sooo much again!

Just don’t forget that a lot of the pictures you see with perfect even stitches were taken after washing or blocking. Most things don’t look that great on the needles, it’s the finishing work that… finishes them.

Will do!! Thanks a mil!! :slight_smile:

And finally…YOU are not a machine so you can’t expect it to be perfect.

Very true!! I think its a bad case of ocd, haha. :slight_smile: