People's houses

I love looking at everyone’s houses in the backgrounds of photos! I live in So. California–stucco-box-land; all the houses are the same and there’s nothing quaint about them. I fantasize about those beautiful hard wood floors, wood trimmed double hung windows, beautiful staircases, a window with a bench seat under it, brick walls, big trees, fancy fireplaces …

Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? Or even any back yard? :roll:

Well, I have a “quaint” house with a large backyard and lots of trees for sale, but you would have to move to Florida. Right along hurricane alley. Where your backyard could easily become “forested” if the neighbors behind you had their trees uprooted into your yard. But it’s a great knitting house :smiley:

:fingerwag: The grass is always greener…:wink:

I have wood trimmed double hung windows in a ninety year old house. The air conditioner works overtime to keep the place cool in the summer, but the bedrooms never seem to get below 80. And in the winter? The wind blows through the gaps in those windows until you swear you’ll find a snow drift behind the couch.

And don’t get me started about the trees. The leaves are just starting to turn here, and I’m not looking forward to all that raking! :help:

Indeed! I just wish I had a house… :teehee: We live in a small apartment and every corner is used for something. We don’t have space for ANYTHING. Every Christmas we panic because we have to find a way to store the gifts our families keep giving us :wall: We tell them we don’t have space, we invite them to give us food instead but they don’t listen and give us great gifts that end up usually in storage (and we pay 100$ a month for this!:shock:). It’s very sad to have to do that. I always feel terribly guilty. :pout:

I’ll take a wood house in the mountains, please, with a wood stove, a mud room, a loft for the kiddies, cedar siding…

I actually love our old house. It’s a ranch from the 70s. Very plain, but we have done a lot of work on the interior, and are starting to work on the exterior. If it turns out like I have in mind, it’s going to be great!

In the 5 years we have lived there, it’s pretty much been in turmoil, but it’s all coming together slowly! Susan, if you want to see some pics, you can visit my blog and look at the home renovations tab - there are also some posts with that tag.

It might not be magazine worthy, but it is greatly improved!!!

Mine’s just a small one bedroom trailer. I couldn’t live in it if I were home all the time, but no more than I’m home it makes financial sense.

I must say I have a new appreciation for my house in the sticks after having spent the last week in So CA - Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. Hubby had a conference so I went to visit with friends. Didn’t realize how accustomed to southern hospitality and the sound of birds and bugs singing I had become the last 10yrs.

That said I am jealous that you have such beautiful tropical flowers, coconut & citrus trees, and mountains.

I love the desert - especially not having to mow a lawn. That said, I didn’t love the desert so much yesterday when I was digging up a large, nasty cactus (for disposal) in the front yard yesterday. I got stuck so many times I looked like a big, angry pin-cushion! :grrr:

And, yes, I am grateful to have a home. With record foreclosures going around (I know someone who lost her house - it’s a bummer, definitely), I’ll happily accept the problems that go along with home ownership. :slight_smile: