People who have made a booga with NORO

how much yarn was left over from the 3 skeins of Noro? i’m asking cause i need to know if i should make the bottom of this gift bigger with another yarn so it will be bigger or will i have enough Noror to do it… would help if i make the strap from something different too? did that make sense?

i would suggest making the straps first and then just using all you have to knit the body of the bag - even if you knit up a few more rows than it calls for

:thinking: thats a damn good idea. thanks Jelly~ :thumbsup:

I got in here a little late, but I don’t think I’d be any help, anyway!! :oops: I knit that first Booga some time ago, and I can’t remember how much yarn I had left. :?? It seems like it wasn’t much, though. I think the idea of knitting the handles first is a great idea. Just a little suggestion if you think you’ve got enough yarn: try two strands for the handles; otherwise, they’re pretty stretchy.

carmell, what color noro are you using? I ordered some fushia bright color.

That IS a really good ide about doing the straps first!
So it’s only 3 skeins? I’ve had 3 skeins laying around for months, maybe it’s time to get going. I forgot where the pattern is! I think I saw it free… ???

:thinking: booga booga booga

oh, found it … Black Sheep Bags right? But there is the person (I forgot who) who is complaining about how small it turned out. Anybody found that too?

Victoise~ that was me! its just small for what i want to use it for.

tigger~ i using the brownish/ black one right now. i’m knitting it for my grandma and she likes big purses…but will love it anyway cause imade it!!!

you know, I was afraid it might be too small for me. I like the large purses too. i tend to throw everything in my purse.

At the “Wendy Knits” she suggests casting on 60 stitches and doing 40 rows, playing the height by ear. This is at the 11/4/03 entry. BTW, this woman is totally enthralled with Booga bags and there is a lot of helpful info there about Noro and Booga bags.

um excuse me Jeremy…no link…are you gonna make me go find it?

strike 1.

is it just wendyknits?

strike 2 & 3

ok i got it
sarcatic~ THANK YOU JEREMY!!! :wink:

LOL Carmell, I tried to find it too and wasn’t able to, so I left it alone. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one to strike out.
OH JEREMY!!! where are you?

i kept putting dot com!
here it is Wendy Knits

okay, have bookmarked it and will explore tomorrow.
about to get off work for the day. Hope my power is back on!
I’d love to knit a little tonight.

Yes, I am technologically incompetent. If someone can give me directions on how to link to something I will next time.Sorry. :thinking:

I just copy and then paste the address in the message.

click here

[]knittinghelp]( [url)[ /url]
take the spaces out after = and the second [

then it will look like this