People who don't understand Knitters~!

I brought my knitting bag to work yesterday and naturally :teehee: it was full of yarn. Well, I have made hats for about 4 people at work plus 2 of my clients. anyhoo as we started the day “JOHN” asked me if I had knitted my hat i had on. I said yes( Now, I have received many complimetns on my hat~ which I take as compliments not as a sneaky insult). I told him yea and he pretty much said he didn’t like it. Well, he then asked who else did you make hats for and I told him person A, B at work (who was there at the time) . He asked what color was your hat(this was a male coworker) and he said brown( A’s requested color) well John said well did it look like the color of SH%T?
and he laughed and said yes. Well, I then replied I guess you just have hat envy and he said I don’ t want one.
~ Now that being said~ I know John is a kidder and likes to mess with peoples head but it was somewhat rude and hurtful to me b/c ALL my coworkers were in the room when he said this??

Am I being too sensitive?? I guess I should just blow it off to STUPIDITY~!! :doh:

John sounds like a complete jerk. Just ignore him and continue making lovely hats for the people who appreciate them. Don’t give this dink the satisfaction of upsetting you…that’s all he wants.

:!!!: John!!!

Ignore him and keep making lovely brown hats :muah:

That doesn’t sound like kidding to me and it was rude and insensitive. I would tell him how I feel as calmly as possible and then I guess you’d have to let it go because you work with him. I would also add knitting to the “do not discuss” topics when he is around.

I never understand people who think throwing insults around is funny. Why not make a different kind of joke? Saying something is ugly isn’t funny, it’s rude. :!!!:

Yikes. How mean. :pout:

It sounds like he’s jealous that you didn’t make him a hat. He sure handled it the wrong way though. I woulda told him to kiss my big knitting arse, but I suppose that’s not handling things the right way either. :teehee:

Try not to let it get to you. Trust me, he didn’t think your hat looked like crap. If he did, it never would have bothered him that you were knitting for co-workers but not for him. Just ignore him and keep on happily knitting for others who appreciate your kindness. :hug:

Since he was so full of questions, it would seem you should have a turn to ask one in return:

“Joh, so I can understand where you are coming from, are you under the mistaken impression that being rude is funny, or are you just being seriously rude?”

Mama Bear

He may have been joking and just didn’t pull it off well.

That’s often how we guys interact with each other and we don’t take it as anything more than good natured ribbing. He may simply not be bright enough to realize that woman/woman and man/woman interactions are different.

Just ignore him and chalk it up to stupidity. Remember, most of us guys are insensitive jerks (myself included). We know it, we just can’t so anything about it. :rofl:

Thanks Guys~ I feell a little better~!

Ok…maybe just me…but I would have stabbed him in the foot with a knitting needle. :roflhard: :oops:

how old is he?

I guarantee it, everyone who heard him say that had only one word in their heads at the time. and it wasn’t “cookies”.

:roflhard: :roflhard: and coiled him up with all the yarns we got


i have a john

who likes to make jokes about my principles, my convictions (and sometimes my race :grrr: )

we used to argue a lot, but now we don’t talk much

We’ve all met a John or two. I would have said ‘Wearing a brown hat is a lot better than having shit for brains’.
Sounds like a loser actually, after saying that he probably felt really smart and cool and funny! If no-one laughed and just kind of looked at him with a ‘what is WRONG with you?’ look he probably felt like a right tosser straight after that.
Seriously, what about this guy makes you consider that his opinion is worth listening too? Some people insult you and it bothers you… but some people are so damn stupid all they do is barely amuse you for a second with their attempts at being nasty. There’s evil and then there’s trying and failing to be cool. What a pathetic insult! ‘The hat’s brown… hey POO is brown too! HA HA HA!’

Next time, try saying to him ‘My God, are you actually STUPID enough to think that’s an insult?’ in a contemptuous tone. Make sure it’s loud and lots of people around, there’s no way he’ll think of anything intelligent to say to that within three seconds. You , of course, will have turned away in mild contempt after two seconds of looking at him with a raised eyebrow like you’re waiting for an answer, and gone ahead with something, leaving him behind trying to think of a reply.

And if the opportunity presents itself, remark in his hearing ‘Oh John thinks poo is REALLY funny!’ (if a vaguely related subject arises).


Sounds like a jerk. Normally I would tell you not to be botherd by it, but I’ve been teased too, so I know that doesn’t work. My friends would tell me to confront the problem directly and tell him that he hurt your feelings, but this guy seems like such a :!!!: he won’t listen.

I guess you could just not bring it up, but if he’s such an arse to tease some more, you could sit there with a kind of puzzled look on your face for a few seconds. Then pretend to break into realization, saying “OH, I get it! You’re trying to be funny! Keep at it, you might sucseed one day”

And I also agree with the whole stab-a-knitting-needle-through-his-foot thing :thumbsup:

I totally agree! :!!!: I’d say that these kind of people have the worst sense of humor in the world! and no you are not being sensitive at all! (If I were you I would reply to him: “That’s because you are just jeaulous!”)

Someday your GORGEOUS project is gonna make him envy! And you just tell him: “Duh! I’m not making it for a jerk like you!” That would be a payback! :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: