People knitting for little girls

Someone mentioned THIS PATTERN in her blog and I just had to share! It is so cute, but I don’t have any little girls to knit for. It might also be good for people who like to attend renaissance fairs and that kind of thing. Don’t know anyone into that either! Maybe YOU do though…looks like a fun project.

That’s so cute :smiley:

I really love it…I wouldn’t make it just to make it though. I’d want someone to actually wear it after all that work!

Well since it’s just basic crochet stitches, I wouldn’t consider it work to make that… just alot of flippin’ ends to do! For some reason I’m picturing this as a cute strap to a spring bag for my girls. :smiley:

Ohhhh… :heart: :heart: :heart: that idea! I would totally use it as a strap. Wonder how it would look felted :thinking:

I saw that too, and love it. It would make a wonderful part of a fairy costume!

If I were to felt it, I think I would do all the pieces seperately first, and then assemble it after felting. I think it probably would look pretty good, and maybe even more realistic.

It is beautiful ! :heart:

OMG>>>that is too cute…not sure if i could get Brookie to keep it on her head but that would be her Mothers problem not mine :lol:

Rhy :XX:

That is so cute!! Too bad I don’t have anyone to make it for…

That’s adorable! Thanks for sharing!

My little girl right now is really into this type of thing… add it to my to do list thanks for sharing the link… I hadn’t seen it before… she loves the disney princess but her favorite character is tinkerbell… since tinker bell doesn’t wear a tiara she might think of this along the lines of tinker bell… where she is two :smiley:

really like the purse strap idea too :thumbsup:

ETA: could you make it smaller and not as wide and wear it around your ankle like for a beach party or something :thinking:

Oh, I will DEFINITELY be making one of these for my youngest’s birthday!

THANKS! :heart:

Thanks for sharing the link. I don’t have anyone ot knit it for but it will go in my file for someday…

I might make it as a necklace. Or a belt.