People giving away afghans. :(

My dh is in the military. I don’t know if all branches have it, but the Air Force has a thing called “Airman’s Attic.” Basically it’s like a Goodwill, only everything is 100% free to military people. I go quite frequently with a friend to keep my ever growing ds in clothes. :wink:

The last THREE times I’ve been there have been homemade afghans sitting there. Perfect condition, pretty colors, intricate patterns and people just gave them away. I appreciate that someone else will get some good use out of it (like my ds with the one I got for him), but it would just KILL ME if I found out someone just gave away something I made for them. :frowning:

maybe it is better to think that someone made them especially for that cause. I would totally do that and i would hate to think someone thought i was givin’ away gramma’s afghan! :hug:

I hate to sound non-sentimental, but I have SO MANY afghans that both of my grandmas have made for me over the years and I do not know what to do with them. Honestly, they sit in the closet because I could not possibly have them all out all the time. Are they beautiful, yes. Am I touched that they made them for me (especially now that I know how much work actually goes into one), YES! But could someone else get more use of out them than I do currently, probably yes. So I dunno, in a way I can understand but I can also say that I have not taken any of mine anywhere yet. Don’t know if I could do it.

I guess it’s better that it is taken to somewhere an appreciative person can take it, rather than a landfill. That would be a total waste!

True, true. Guess I was just a bit shell shocked. I found a beautiful baby afghan there and that’s what made me start thinking about it. Now my ds has it (along with the other 8 that my mum made for him lol).

And I sheepishly admit that I keep looking at them to see if I can recycle them. :oops:

At least they’re being given to people who deserve to receive wonderful things for free! :slight_smile:

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was a young child. Right now in my home I have a few pretty crochet afghans that she gave me in the past few years. While they are "pretty’…they really are not my “look” or style. But I keep one in our guest bedroom. I have another very BIG and HEAVY weight one. There is NO way we could ever sleep under it. So its in the attic safely wrapped away.

I think its like anything else…we like what we like. I would prefer to have someone choose which color yarns and the style of the afghan first that they would like before I went thru all the time and trouble to make one.

I make afghans for friends and family and the thought that they may end up somewhere like Good Will is upsetting, but the military is another thing. My brother is in the Navy and served in George I war, he now has one year to retirement. My cousin was in Afghanistan and is now in Iraq with the Marines so I know how much the generousity of others means to the servicemen and women and their families. It’s unfortunate that our brave men and women are paid so poorly that they and their families have to depend on the kindness of strangers.

Nadja xxx

Amen to that!!! What’s really sad is that the bulk of military families also qualify for Wic and food stamps. How sad is it that these people are putting their lives on the line for our country, but our country can’t pay them enough to feed their families. :frowning:

Yes, the military does have wonderful perks like free housing etc. I just wish they would pay their men & women better.

My dh was in the Air Force for 20 yrs. It was a wonderful life for us. The military is not given “free” housing. The costs of the housing is taken out of their pay checks.

We never had to get food stamps and as he got more stripes his pay check went UP. I agree that they could all use more pay especially the enlisted. The best part was being able to travel such as Japan for three years, Texas twice and Alaska.

My husband is currently in the Air Force and I lived in an Air Force family for the bulk of my life. It’s all in how you look at it. If you live on base, you make X number of dollars/period. If you live off base they give you BAH which is a housing allowance. Either way, it’s basically free housing. The difference is that off base you pay for utilities whereas on base it’s part of having a base house.

It is NOT “free” housing! Soldiers and airmen and sailors work way too hard for their pay and benefits. It is earned. It is a benefit for their service. I believe that my husband has EARNED that money. It wasn’t simply GIVEN to him.

Also, BAH doesn’t begin to cover utilties for most people who live off base. And many of us don’t have the option of living on base due to a shortage of available base houses.

Many bases do have volunteers who knit and crochet and so I would not be surprised if the afghans were donated to Airman’s Attic. Lots of bases do have baby layettes provided to the hospitals too.

This is sooooooooo true. I was in Germany for a while, not with the military, but close to a military base - did alot of quilting and bible studies with gals from there, and made some wonderful friends. Families that are on those bases deserve EVERYTHING they get, and far far more. I don’t think we have any idea the sacrifices that they make - not just the servicemen, but their entire families. I know I sure didn’t.

BTW, To all you spouses and relatives of our service men and women…currently serving or retired - THANK YOU!. Give these people hugs for me. Unfortunately, heros such as military people, firemen, and police can never be paid what they truly deserve. I just want you to know that there are people who appreciate their service. :cheering: HOORAY! for our service people. :cheering: