People do this on purpose?! WHY!

I read a couple days ago on a thread here about the film ‘Beaches’ and how some people love it and like to watch it.

This morning I was at my local DVD rental and picked it up. The lady said if you like this you’ll love ‘Steel Magnolias’. So I ended up getting them both.

Well thanks very much ladies! I have spent the afternoon wailing away, got through nearly a whole box of tissues and 2 (large) bars of chocolate. You do this to yourselves on purpose? Why? I feel dreadful.

I’ll stick to my action adventure flicks thanks. :teehee:

:teehee: Yeah I cry everytime on Steel Magnolis… and Terms of Endearment…:shrug: I don’t know why I do it to myself… dh asks the same thing…

Not sure why we do…but I know I do…grrr.
The end of Braveheart does it to me too. And the end of Bicentennial Man of all things. Somewhere in Time. Any movie where "boy loses love of his life for ever."
For some reason I bawled like a maniac at The Green Mile. I must be sympathetic to well meaning death row prison inmates :shrug:
I cried when Padme died and Anakin realized she was gone in Episode 3…sci fi sad can get me too.:doh:

The Notebook. omg… I cannot watch that movie anymore.

I bawl at the end of Father of the Bride. Every time.

Of course, I’ll cry at sappy commercials, too.:roll:

I love:heart: The Notebook I think that is one of the best love stories ever!!! I use to work in a couple of Nursing homes with people suffering from alzhiemerz and other forms of dementia and I ached daily for those devoted spouses that showed up every day looking for the slightest sign that they recognized them.Now thats love.

Sometimes it feels good to have a good cry like that!:waah:

Although the epi of Oprah yesterday made me cry a bunch. She gave everyone in her audience a while ago $1000 each to go out and do something good with it. One lady heard of a family whose husband had a tumor and they had 9 kids and could not work. She ended up getting over $70,000 for him and his family, all because Oprah gave her $1000 to “pay it forward”. The whole show was full of stories like that, just made me ball for the entire hour!

When I watched Beaches for the first time I cried like a baby. I was still a little red in the face when I returned it. The clerk asked me if everything was ok… I just handed him the movie and he looked at the title and he said “ahh I understand” and smiled at me. :teehee:

lol okay that just sent me into a fit of giggles. Movies that I have seen over and over still make me a bit weepy when i see them, like Stepmom. sheesh.

The worst ever was “My Life” with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. I cried the ugly cry when I saw that one in the theatre. I cried so hard the people in front of me handed their tissues…lol.

And my friends made me go out for ice cream with them afterwards…lol. One thing that is cool about crying though? If you have green eyes, they never look SOOOO green as they do after a good cry. :roll:

I really don’t want to cry when I watch movies, so I try to avoid those kind. I guess I’m just not a mushy kind of gal.

But I will say that the first book that made me cry was Message in a Bottle. I had never cried when I read a book before. Most of Nicholas Sparks’ books do that to me, so I refuse to watch the movies. I know what I’m in for.

I don’t really like the downright depressing sad movies, they just leave me feeling worse.
But I love the kind of romantic movie where you think there is no way they can ever be together, but in the end everything is ok. With those kinds of movies, I can cry, but still be happy at the end. :teehee:

When my MawMaw had a bad day she would say, “I’m guess I am watching my movie tonight.” That meant Steel Magnolias and a good cry. She watched that movie for 3 days after I quit college to get married! I ended up not getting married and have a bachlors degree! Too bad she wasn’t around to watch me walk across the stage. But, anyway, I still can’t watch that movie without bawling because I miss her!


my cry movie is Contact and Ordinary People

There are two movies that absolutely, definitely make me cry when I watch them (without fail)…

The Color Purple
Imitation of Life (version with Lana Turner)

If you want a good cry, watch these two movies. The last twenty to thirty minutes of Imitation of Life will have crying like a baby.

Ack! Ordinary People KILLS me. :verysad:

Saving Private Ryan and What Dreams May Come do also. Life is Beautiful makes me weep for a week. It’s a top ten desert island film. Sophie’s Choice… just shoot me now rather than make me weep through it again. :sad:

I didn’t expect to like The Notebook - Thank God for James Garner. I’d watch him in ANYthing.

I’m with Nobones on this one - Beaches and Steel Magnolias. I’ve seen them countless times and still cry. :waah:

:pout: Me too! :waah:

So has anyone seen “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith and his son? I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch that movie, because I completely lost it when I saw the preview. My husband looked at me like I was crazy, and all I could choke through my tears was “We will never be watching that movie!”

Steel Magnolias gets me everytime! I always cry.

And The Notebook too, I always think I’m not going to cry and I always end up sobbing saying its so beautiful how much they love each other. I think it really gets me because they remind me of my grandparents.

Message in a Bottle is another one. I wasn’t interested throught the whole movie but when it got towards the end I cried a lot!!:waah:

Ooh, the Color Purple gets me, too!!!

And I love James Garner! One of our cable channels shows reruns of Maverick. I’ve been recording them on the DVR.:drool:

Ya know I think the thing is that a lot of women feel the need to cry just to cleanse and an easy catalyst for that is to watch the movies that make so many men want to hang themselves. (i was going to say something that one of my friends always says but it is more crude than i would like to be here…lol)

we use whatever it takes to get the tears started. :shrug: