Pengweeno Jacket (Stephen West)

Made reckless by the thrill of finishing the Pengweeno I am now embarked on Stephen West’s “Marled Madness” kimono-type jacket/cardigan. Even the first bit was a challenge for me - creating a double-thick cuff before cruising along for the sleeve is something I haven’t done before, but it looks great - well worth the effort. And it’s a shock, after a baby jacket, to realise how long this is going to take by comparison! Thank goodness babies are so small!! If I were only Alice in Wonderland I could drink the “drink me” potion that makes her shrink, and get through the jacket as quickly as the baby one, but then again, perhaps not a good idea?? As you can see, never mind ‘Marled’, “madness” has definitely taken hold!!

Enjoy the process at whatever speed. It’s relaxing (well, Stephen West will keep you alert) and at the end you’ll have a beautiful jacket. Can’t wait to see this one. There’s no challenge too much for you now!

Errrmmm, well, your confidence has given me the confidence at least to keep going, if not to get to the end!! I’m afraid that there is many a challenge out there that would be way too much for me, but little by little the library of techniques, alongside the optimism and confidence build up, don’t they - I cling to the fact that this is not in fact rocket science, or neurosurgery - mistakes aren’t dangerous at least, except to the optimism and the confidence!!

The Pengweeno has just been sent off from Hong Kong, where I live, to the UK, where its recipient lives. I shall hope to get a photo of it being worn that I can post on Ravelry. Or here, if I ever get to grips with photos here!!

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I honestly think I’m going to abandon this one (the Stephen West “Marled Madness”); I’ve got through one whole sleeve, and I’m glad I’ve learned that I’m not too scared to try, but it’s just SO boring! Endless, endless row after row for what? A cardigan I just don’t much care if I own or not, or at least not enough to invest the hours and hours and hours it will take to create it. The scarves and shawls are one thing - they are whimsical and inventive and interesting and can be added to things I like wearing. But I don’t think I’m ever going to care one way or the other if I wear the Marled Madness, so it would be madness on my part to invest the time and the yarn in it. Never mind. All part of life’s rich frogged pattern!! I’ll leave it on the needles for another day in case I change my mind, but I don’t see myself thinking that this is worth it. Don’t, therefore, watch this space!!!

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