Penguin help

until recently i’ve just been knitting scarfs, arm warms and leg warmers, and only reading the exciting patterns. I have just started to branch out with hats and a few improvised patterns.

Anyway i want to knit a penguin for my best friend and i got confused by the instructions on the very first line. I feel so stupid. :oops: It says;
With b. (meaning the colour wool) cast on 14 sts. for base and shape for tail as follows:
1st and 2nd rows: K4, for 1st row, [COLOR=“Red”]turn[/COLOR], p. to the end for 2nd row.

If anyone could help me with this problem i would be e[U]turn[/U]ally grateful. Sorry for the bad pun. :aww:

Turn just like you would at the end of the row even though you have sts left over. This makes short rows for shaping and you’ll knit the other stitches later on.

Thank you for your help with my first problem. :notworthy:

I may have many more problems though. I sorry if it’s any trouble. I have done both right and left half backs and am know trying to do the back of the head which is following on from the right half back.
The pattern says:
[B]The back of head[/B]: Next row. Dec., k. to end (this i have done), [COLOR=“Red”]then with right side of the left half back facing work across the sts. [/COLOR]as follows, etc. After that i understand the instructions. It’s the stuff in red i don’t understand. :??

Once agin I’m extremly grateful for any help anyone has to offer. :pray:

[COLOR=Red]then with right side of the left half back facing work across the sts[/COLOR]

Well, without seeing it - the right edge of the left half at the back facing you…?

It seems to me there should be a comma after facing…that would make more sense.

thank you both. :notworthy: i think you are both correct and maybe the grammar on the pattern is wrong.