Pen & Paper Knitting Journals

Hey Guys! :hug:

So, I’ve decided that I want to make a pen & paper knitting journal to store away the memories (and swatches!) that I’ve been gathering since starting my knitting journey. :knitting:

But…I don’t really want to buy a book journal and just write in it…I want to make a knitting journal. A BIG knitting journal. I want fabric covers and ribbon-bound recycled pages. I want to fill it with strands of hand-dyed yarn of all types and fibers. I want to develop all these pictures of my knitting that I’ve been taking, and then sew the pictures on the pages with multi-colored thread. I want my knitting journal to become an heirloom. :heart:

And I need some MAJOR help getting started. :teehee:

So! For all of you craft-obsessed knitters out there who keep a pen & paper knitting journal, here’s your chance to SHOW THEM OFF! :slight_smile: Post pictures, swap ideas, share links of your favorite How To’s. Are your journals handmade? Purchased at a bookstore and then decorated? Do you keep track of your struggles and thoughts about knitting, or simply fill your journal with bits and pieces of everyday knitting-life? I’m very interested in seeing and hearing all about your personal knitting journals. So please share share share! :muah:

I’ve been meaning to do something like that…I have a box full of swatches for that specific purpose but I have no time what so ever :frowning: I wish I did…but I can’t wait to see yours!! :smiley:

I have a big ugly binder that I’m going to use. I’ve put in dividers and a few patterns I want to make. And then I’m going to print out pictures of the FO’s, add on the yarn and label, and put the pattern in for everything. Eventually.

Why work on a knitting journal when I could be knitting? :wink:

Why work on a knitting journal when I could be knitting?

LOL, I know what you mean! I guess I just love all kinds of crafty things, and although I’m not a scrapbooker, I love journals and I love knitting, so I figure I’d have so much fun making a knitting journal. :slight_smile:

Anybody have any pictures of their journals? I want to see! :happydance:

I’m just starting out, and so far I’ve only used a plastic binder and page protectors…and I love the idea of having something that is beautiful! One of my other hobbies is making altered books–do a google search on that and see what you can come up with! I think the possibilities are endless!

i altered an old book i had, painted the pages and fabric covered the cover… i print out my pics and run them throug the xyron, then stick them in and hand write the pattern, alterations i made, difficulties i found, etc, so that one day when my daughter (who is currently 2 and knits by sticking a needle straight through a hole in my already knitted things, and is then extremely proud of herself…) will have a reference of mummies fave things to knit…