Peguin Cap

Okay I have five friend having babies…I gotta get to it

Here is the first one!!:cheering:

That’s really cute!

Aaahhh. Cute. Looks like fun. Lucky babies.

Oh, that is so much fun. The first one looks wonderful. Good luck with the rest. Great idea for a gift.

Oh that is so absolutely adorable!

Cute and funny little hat! Would make a very nice gift.

How cute! With that many you will end up with a real Noah’s ark! It is really great.

What a cute penguin. :hug: Animal hats seem to be really in right now so this should be a big hit.

How adorable! I can just see it on a baby! :angelgrin:

The pattern is available in this months Knitting World…

Yes animals are in…I guess I could adapt it for other animals…hummmmm…Lion?? bear???

As a fellow maker of animal hats, I applaud your penguin top! It’s fantastic and will be a big hit on any kiddo who happens to have it stuck on his head!!!

Great job!!

yup…did one for a boy

Too cute! I love them both!