Pedicure socks

I’m trying to knit the Paton’s Pedicure sock pattern but I’m stuck. After arranging the heel stitches the instructions state to knit 12 stitches off the first needle onto the end of the third needle. How is this done?

Ok, so you’ve arranged the sts on needles: 12(needle 1)-24(needle 2)-12sts (needle 3) with the working yarn coming off needle 3. Then the instructions are to divide the sts on needle 2 onto two needles for the instep (think of these as needles 2A and 2B). You can then knit the sts from needle 1 onto needle 3 just as you normally knit. For now, you’re going to work with these 24sts now on needle 3 for the heel.
Cute pattern.
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Oh, thank you! I haven’t made socks in years and I forgot how to arrange the needles for the heel. I agree, it is a very cute pattern. I’m making my daughters some for Christmas.
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