Pedicure Socks :D

These aren’t directly from the Knitty pattern, but they are very close:

With the sandals.


Oh those came out great. I made a pair too… it was my first pair of socks and I just finished them. I really enjoyed learning how to make them.

It was nice not having to graft the toe lol.

That’s so cute! I love them! They look pretty with your toes!

that’s why i’m thinking i may try these before a “real” pair of socks.

those look great! :thumbsup:

Hey, I have a kind of weird question - how do you wear the top of your socks?

I just knit my first pair of socks, but before that I had only worn socks from the store. I only buy ankle socks and quarter socks, so when I knit my socks, I made them quarter length. I see that yours are tall on top, like most sock patterns call for - but how do you wear them? Do you like just leave them high up on your calf, or do you fold them down, or do you scrunch them, or what? :slight_smile: lol I know it’s weird :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m wearing them as is. The cuff is around 5 inches, so it’s higher than a sneaker type sock but still comfortable.

I don’t dig most sock patterns bc of the height so I understand.

Also, handknit socks are nicer looking than your usual retail sock, so there’s no reason to hide them while normal socks are sort of there for purpose, not looks.

It looks very nice on you. The bright red is definitely a caught !

Pretty cool! Kind of like ankle warmers!

I thought the same thing lol - sort of like a fingerless glove for the foot :D.

BTW - I cast on 40 stitches for these (Caron Simply Soft) and the Knitty pattern calls for 44 - mine are quite loose at 40 (and I have man legs lol). When I make another pair, I will probably go down to 36.

So if you have skinny ankles/narrow feet, I would definitely cut down the number of stitches from the original.


Very cute! Perfect with the polish!


These are just to cute!!!
I’m going to make my girls a pair of them & get some feedback from them…
What will they think of next!:thumbsup:
Happy day to all:cheering:

Aww… they are just too cute!!