Pecot stitch

I count and count and count my cast on stitches. I then join in the rnd with circular needles. I start my pecot stitch (in multiples of 7) and I always have extra stitches at the end. Is there a video for the pecot stitch? What am I doing wrong?

I’ve run into that a time or two. What I have done to help is to place markers for every set of picot, so every 7 stitches for you. If you get finish a set and you aren’t at the marker, then you know you’ve messed up and you only have to back up to the previous marker. After I get the pattern set and know things are going well, I’ll ditch the markers. Oh and if you don’t have enough traditional markers, go for other things like paper clips, safety pins, pieces of yarn tied in little rings, jewelry findings, jump rings, etc. You can always vary them as well, just so you have something every 7 stitches to keep you in order.