Pearl embellishment for lace foulard?

I’m about half done with my lace foulard
and now that it’s really starting to take shape, I thought to myself, “Gee, this might look REALLY pretty with some pearls attached to the ends!” I’m kind of excited about the thought of doing this (I admittedly got inspired after reading the article on knitty

So here’s my question: I’m making the foulard from Knit Pick’s “Shadow” line of 100% merino laceweight yarn in the color "Oregon Coast"
The yarn up close is heathered with many pretty colors, but standing back from it, it looks like an oatmeal color. So if I decided to go with pearls for an embellishment on the end (I’ll probably do a teardrop style pearl), what color would look nicest with it the Oregon Coast? I think white is too stark, and I was looking at maybe pinkish or peachy strands or even a champagne, but is there something else that might be a neater color to use, maybe as a contrast? Here’s the ones I was considering: (champagne) (pink) (peach)

I think that the pearls will be gorgeous :cheering: I would say the champagne and peach would look nice…either a mixture of both or one color, both would look stunning.

Thanks, Rebecca! I hadn’t thought of doing a mixture of colors…that may make an even cooler effect!