Pearl drops sock - knitting into yo 3x?

I’m knitting a pair of pearl drops socks, seen here, and it’s the most complicated I’ve knit to date. I’m doing ok on the pattern stitch, but there’s a section that reads, “yo 3 times”, and then on the next round, to “kfb”, knit in front and back, into those yarn overs. My problem is that trying to knit into the back of a yarn over is proving difficult. I’ve tried making the stitch yarn lax so I can slip my right needle in the back easily, but it seems to take multiple tries, I end up splitting the yarn, and it really slows down my row.

Is there some trick I’m not doing here? I knit continental style and medium loose.


Like you I knit Continental and quite loosely. I tried your directions and my vote, “Look for another pattern”. :eyes: That is hard to do.

Thank you. At least I know I’m not alone in my frustration! I’m going to ask a couple of people who’ve already worked the pattern on Ravelry and see if they have a solution. If I find it, I’ll share here. It’s a pretty pattern (I think), but a bit difficult to get past that one row…

Your idea is a good one. Maybe someone has a “work around” solution.

I do not have the pattern and do not have needles near me right now to try it with.

One solution I might have: you could take acessory needles: a thicker cable needle and make the yo over that or something but the picture looks like there will be a lot per row so I rule that option out.

you could use thinner needles to work the section (like just a few sizes smaller), then right after doing the kfb slide them back onto the correct needle and adjust the stitch size.

I will give this a try and report.

The pattern looks neat and without doing something like this (any way) you will not get that “hole-shape” at the bottom of the pearls.

I hope I remember tonight and find a solution. It would be so sad to not do this. There MUST be a way to achive it!

[B]Edit: First solution:[/B]
make 4 yo in the first row, drop one yo when you get there in your second row. that gives you more slack. Then the yo are bigger by a 3rd (the one yo distributing into the left over 3 yo) Just pull your slack through to where you need it.
Eventually you will figure out for yourself which yo to drop (I might slip the 1st YO, drop the second YO, slip the 1st one back and start working).

I know that that is not perfect but it will make it easier.