Peaky suit

Hello I was wondering if anyone could help! I’m looking for a pattern or ideas of how to make a suit like the peaky blinders and a cap for a monkey teddy bear. I did have some clothes patterns but it’s for 4ply yarn and I only have dk so it’s too big sadly

I see you have had no replies.
I’m not familiar with the programme or with teddy clothes but maybe if you post an image to what you are after or a link to the patterns you have seen in 4ply so others can recognise if they know a similar pattern in dk, this may help you get some more replies.

I did not recognize Peaky Blinders as a reference to this show.

So the Monkey Teddy Bear, is it something like these?

So here is my peaky monkey so far. I’m now struggling with some trousers and a waist coat for him.

I don’t know the dimensions of Mr. Monkey (who is looking handsome) but perhaps something like this pattern would at least get you started.