PEACHES and CREME grab bag sale

I was checking out Elmore-Pisgah site and saw THIS. It’s a grab bag for $2.19 with mill ends and regular goodies. I think it’s great for dishcloths etc. They also have now reduced price dishcloth set with several different colors, one for each quarter of the year. FYI, they are cheaper than on eBay, the last time i checked and they also ship intl :cheering:

thank you!

I really want to get those. I just have to wait until I can afford the postage :pout:

I just received this grab bag, I wouldn’t get too excited about it. It was worth $2.00 but not a lot more. Mine included one large skein of black, a small of peach, a small varigated skein and two spools of cotton crochet thread in white and beige. I don’t use crochet thread but the other was ok.

The dish cloth set on the other hand, was a great deal. I got two of them.

I’m in the same situation. Priority Mail flat rate envelope is about $11-$12 and you can put pretty much yarn into it. The problem with this cotton is that it’s not in hanks or skeins, but in firm balls that you can hardly squeeze…