Pea Pod Baby Set?

Is anyone working on this pattern (link is in my signature)? I’m working on the sweater body and I’m getting confused.

Are you supposed to repeat the Lace Set-up chart or just knit it once? I’m assuming just once makes the most sense but the chart has red outline around it showing that the pattern should be repeated.


It looks like just once, since it says to use 15 stitches.

Thanks Ingrid! I like this set but the pattern just isn’t written like I’m used to. It’s more like a conversation with charts . . .

I’m sailing along now and I don’t foresee any more problems until I have to divide up for the sleeves. Once step at a time I guess!

I was curious – how did this turn out? I am thinking of making this but haven’t even made it through reading the entire pattern. I find the pattern very confusing, but I am a newbie to knitting.


I found this pattern to be EXTREMELY confusing and I’ve knitted for years. I finally just ‘did what I thought was right’ when even doing things step by step didn’t help me understand anything any better.

So, just do what you think is right. I even changed the front of my baby cardi and just put a seed stitch border on the button flap instead of what she called for in the pattern. IF I can find a pattern (when I get home from work) I’ll post it - so, you can see what I did.

I feel better now. :slight_smile:

I’m on the verge of choosing another pattern. The pea pod is the only pattern I’ve found that has the right gauge for the yarn I have, though. But I think I’d better scale down my aspirations now that I know it’s not just me.

[/IMG]Here’s the sweater that I made using that pattern. WELL… I ‘sort of’ used the pattern- I changed things around.[/IMG]

Honestly, I think the sweater you made is nicer than the one in the pattern!

iwouldratherbeknitting…I adore your sweater! Precious color and beyond precious sweater.

Thanks everyone- I added the cable… to make it more ‘boy-ish’ and the seed stitch buttonhole band and I just put a regular ‘ribbing’ on the neckline.

I don’t think that the pattern had a cable? I can’t even remember now?

I loved the yarn too- I found a washable wool yarn to use. I made it for a baby born in July- but, I wanted it big enough to wear w/ the sleeves rolled up this winter and ‘hopefully’ it will be big enough for next winter too? I’d rather make baby gifts larger than they need to be- so, they can be worn longer… after all that work. :teehee:

I agree that this pattern was very confusing. Here’s a link to pictures on my blog of the completed set:

Now that I’ve knit it up once I think it would be much easier to do again.

wow!i love the modified sweater u did!! nice!!!

Thanks Mash and others… ALL I kept the same was the ‘bottom stitch pattern’ and I cast on the same number of stitches called for in the pattern- the rest was an ‘ad-lib’ of knitting. :smiley:

Susie… your set is adorable! Nice to see it knitted up as the pattern was ‘suggested that it be knitted.’ Good job for managing to understand it enough to knit it. :cheering:

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that had issues with the pattern. I kept complaining to my husband that it was written like a conversation and I’m more of a row by row kind of girl! Great job with the cable variation!