PDF Patterns can be downloaded to nook!

I love my nook! I got it last weekend while visiting family in Texas (money spent on vacation does not count, right) ! My sister has one and went with me to Barnes & Noble where the sales person mentioned that you can download your own PDF’s !

Once mine was charged up Melissa showed me how to download a PDF and I now have the “Traveling Woman Shawl” on my nook … so I don’t have to carry around 6 pages of pattern … it was wonderful for airplane/airport knitting!

So far I have only found two knitting pattern books available … “Wendy Knits” and “Knit Pictures” … or something like that, I don’t think that is the exact title… I did go to B&N where you can read the whole book instead of just samples (while you are in the store) and in both books the patterns are easy to read. You can highlight lines, great for keeping your place in the pattern.

I have both of these books in hard back, so unless I find a particular pattern I want to make while traveling, I probably won’t download them. But I am going to request a stitch pattern book of some kind. How great to just knit a scarf using a new stitch pattern or even swatch squares to learn a tecqunique… while on the road or at the beach or the train … here or there or anywhere !!!

That’s awesome! :thumbsup: I download the patterns from my library in Ravelry to my iTouch with a PDF reader, but so far that’s all I’ve figured out. The Nook should be easier to read, too.

I can put mine, manually, on my Kindle. I often do when I’m going to the doctor’s office, know I will spend time sitting around and I can use that time to knit.