Paying ME to knit? boggled!

Hi all,

I have a question for ya’all. A colleague of mine wants to ‘hire’ me to knit a baby blanket & baby sweater for her to give to one of her friends as a babyshower gift. She insists on paying me for my time along w/supplies.

Have any of you ever done anything like this before? If so, did you charge an hourly rate or a flat fee? I’m a fairly new knitter (have been knitting furiously for about 1.5 years) so i’m not going to be able to pump it out fast and though i’ll do my best, it’s not going to look like a professional did it. :frowning:

I’m happy to do it for her, but i have no idea what to charge! Any advice??


Here’sa Knitty article that talks about charging for knitting. Its hard to say what to charge because many times what your time and talent is actually worth is much more than someone would be willing to pay.:shrug: I hope the article helps a little.

I’ve always heard that 3x the cost of supplies is a good jumping off point for any handmade item. But I think you also have to go with your gut and be willing to negotiate. If I’m knitting for friends, I’ll do it for free (after cost) or just twice the cost of supplies because I love knitting… and if they’re paying for the supplies, that’s good enough for me!

that’s a great article kaydee…and great advice silver!
I’m with you, i’m just happy to knit :slight_smile:

thanks you guys!

I also only really knit for friends, and if they cover the cost of supplies, I’m in heaven, but it’s very hard to make up for the time it takes…

I have kind of had the reverse situation… I have made crocheted baby blankets and gave them as gifts to mom/grandma to be and in return they have offered me money. I just tell them politely no… b/c I usually use acrylic/ cotton tots( my current:heart::heart:) and it’s really not expensive yarn. also I am a newbie crocheter ( I like what I give or i wouldn’t give it to the recipient :think:but its NOT perfect. Most times I have given something they have been exceptionally grateful to get it. I just :heart::heart: my knitting and crochet so much ~ its not a "job’ its for fun. BUT that being said :

  1. its great that she realizes that time=money for the handmade object
  2. like the others said… if they supply the yarn then its a huge $$$ obstacle that been cleared
  3. If its for a friend and $$$ is an issue…if you dont feel comfortable b/c its a friend or confident in your knittng skills maybe she/he could buy you dinner/ or give you a small gift that you really like…
    that way you could both share in the giving…:waving::waving:

I think lots of people knit for money :slight_smile: I’ve had people solicite me to knit suede DIY baby booties, but I refuse!! I dont knit for money, it’s no fun.

I started knitting in fall of 04 after years away from knitting… i’ve made up to $80 for a nice scarf… but normally sell them for $45-60. of course that’s not why I knit… :waving:

My mother and granddad have told me I should knit to sell my stuff… they just don’t understand that to make any decent wage, I’d have to charge about $200 or more for a pair of lacy socks, >$100 for a plain pair, and noone will pay that (fair enough neither would I). They really think there are lots of people willing to pay for the time it takes to knit these.
Kerry, I’d just make sure that she knows what this involves. Some people will offer to pay you for your time, but they think you can just pop something out in an afternoon or two. If she gives you the materials and you knit the blanket and say ‘okay that will be $x’ and she says ‘what? It’s just a baby blanket I’m not paying that much’ you will be pissed and the friendship will suffer.

To be honest, it really depends. For friends, depending on what the item is, I usually charge the cost of yarn, and a little bit more. Usually I only charge about $5 total for a pair of socks, if that. A sweater I would charge cost of yarn + at least $20, depending upon how complicated the pattern was. But socks are a lot easier to knit than a sweater, and consume less of my life and time.

Just go with your gut on this one. Ask for at least enough money to cover supplies, and then maybe a little bit more. I know some of my friends my ‘little bit more’ was cookies or cakes (I love little tea party cakes), as I know some fairly good cooks, and I rarely have time to cook.

I’ve just been commissioned to do a sweater that I’ll have to learn some new techniques for, and the deal with my friend that I’ve made is he pays for the yarn and I get some graphic novels in payment (he owns a comic store). Happy for me, and for him :slight_smile:

But for other things, I think when it’s something you’ve got to spend quite a bit of time on and it’s taking away from the time you’d be knitting something for yourself, then recompense is fair - I like getting money for stuff I enjoy doing, I tend not to charge overly for things and if it’s a small project then I do it for free for my friends (as long as supplies are met). It comes down to the situation itself, and personal preference, I think.

I don’t knit for money, but I did make a hat for a co-worker’s daughter last winter that she insisted on paying me for. I went with the cost of materials, since I really would have knit it for free anyway. I don’t think I’d ever do it if it weren’t something I’d be willing to do for free because, as others have mentioned, it’s really not worth it to knit for a dollar or less an hour.

I’ve made a few items that people paid me for. They paid for the yarn and they paid for my time. Recently was the sundress and poncho in my blog. She bought the yarn and I charged her 35 to knit both pieces.

Those were small projects and knit up fast. Now she then asked how much for an adult hoodie. Again she buys the yarn, and my cost would at least be 100-125 depending on how long it took to make.

Now I just finished a shrug that will be payment for a massage given to me. Fair trade I feel because a massage is around 60, yarn cost about 30 + my time.

The owner of my LYS says to charge the same amount as the cost of yarn. I made this baby ensemble and the yarn was 60 so it’s for sale at 120.

Goodluck! Just remember the amount of time you put into these projects!!