Pay someone else to knit for me?

I’m looking for someone who will knit a sweater for me.

This it the pattern I think…I would just need to confirm my measurements etc. I would supply yarn. How much would someone charge to knit this for me? And how long would it take? Anyone interested? Thanks!!


Still needed?

I can honestly say that I would not attempt this, even for myself. The reason is it’s a DROPS pattern. These are not written in English, which is the language I speak, and sometimes a lot is lost in the translation. In general, folks who knit understand that any price they would charge counting their materials and labor would be more than most people would think reasonable, or be willing to pay. JMO of course. Perhaps there will be someone who would be interested.

I have to agree with junokitty. Also knitting something that you are being paid for puts a lot more pressure on the knitter such as time frame, no mistakes, etc. I have made things for people that have paid me and will only do it with patterns that i know and are confident with. In fact the only pattern that i currently feel comfortable knitting for cash is a particular dog sweater. Good luck i hope you find someone that will take on the challenge.

Nope. No one is willing to pay for what your time is really worth. They want it perfect and no one is perfect. Plus once you start that it becomes a job and is not fun anymore. Have you considered learning to knit yourself?

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I was thinking a month would be fast for me to do a sweater and a lot more time than a job. I wouldn’t consider it because the pressure is the opposite of why I knit but if I did I doubt if anyone would pay enough.

A close friend might attempt it for you, but i have to agree with the others. Once you are putting time constraints and perfection it is no longer something that most of us enjoy. Sorry wish i could help you. I am currently making a dress for a really close friend of mine the diffetence is that it was something that i suggested and she will have it at my time frame and she is okay with that

If you haven’t found anyone else. I would be glad to knit this for you. We can negotiate a price.
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