paxtons district 12 sweater

I have hit a snag in this yarnspiration’s pattern.
On the second page under shape armhole section - unlike the double decrease line up to that point, every other row 2 and 4, instead of making the double decrease row starting with the stich before the marked stich ( as you have sone up to that point and continue to do in this section on rows 1 and 2) you start making the double decrease row at the marked stich instead of one before.
I have tried and tried to sort this out but it seems to me by doing this, and doing it only every other row, the double decrease line rather than remaining centered will get closer and closer to one side. Which doesn’t look like the pattern diagrams or pictures.
Someone experienced please help. I am on a tight deadline and stuck until i get help and need to get moving asap.
Please answer only if you are sure. While i am sure everyone wants to be helpful it only gets someone in deeper trouble to give advice that you aren’t sure about.

Hi rebe640 and welcome!
Looks like a mistake both here and on the start of p.3. The line of centered double decrease should continue up the center of the sweater as you mentioned. The pattern is correct for the Finishing where the centered double decreases on knit and purl rows are each made one stitch before the marked stitch.

Very clever construction.

I don’t think thr third oage is a mistake because one line you are making a double decrease starting 1 st before marked as begore and the next line you are only working with one stich instead of the two fir a double decreae. By slipping the marked st purlwise you are letting the marked st become 1 row behind for every 2 rows you work, deepening the v shape at the neck. I believe this is intended.
Since they printed the part on the armhole on the second page, very specifically ie only changing every other row it seems deliberate not accidental. To me accidental would have been in one place or every row, but every other row makes me wonder if we aren’t both missing something the way it would be easy to assume the 3rd page is a mistake?

Yes, you’re right about the dec on page 3 which is only a dec every other row. I was misreading the purl row.
But on the earlier decreases, I’m going by the result of double decreasing before the marker or one stitch before the marker. To me, changing to before the marker throws off the line of decreases indicated in the photo. That line continues up to the split for the shoulders. I don’t see it wavering to one side which would be the result of moving the decrease. Further, the directions for finishing continue decreases one stitch before the marker.
You might contact Paton’s and see if the pattern department can clarify. The only alternative is to pick one of the methods (i.e. dec one stitch before the marker on both rows or at the marker) and see if you like the result.

Thanks. I agree , it seems to me that alt the double de rease line every other riw will make it pull to one side, which cant be right. I contacted paxtons a few days ago but havent heard vack. Guess i will just have to go ahead based on what makes sense and hopefully i dont end up having to fix a bunch.
Thanks for the help.