Paulina dress



I am trying to knit this little dress (pattern is free Ravelry download) and pattern calls for needle - 5 us (3.75mm). So I started the bodice with straight needles. Now the pattern says “Joining the in the round
The right side is facing you; it is time to join in the round. Slip the last 4 stitches, on the end of the needle, to a cable
needle. Join in the round, be careful not to twist. Hold the 4 stitches on the cable needle behind the first 4 stitches on the needle. (Knit the first stitch on the needle together with the first stitch on the cable, knit the 2nd stitch together with the 2nd stitch on the cable needle) repeat with the last 2 stitches, you are now joined in the round and have only 4 stitches worked. Place your beginning of the round marker. 148 stitches.” i don’t know if I should have been working in circular needles all along, if I should be switching to circular needles or if there is a way to continue with the straight needles I am using. Usually patterns tell you what needles you should be using and I interpreted the pattern to say I only needed the one set of needles. What am I missing? The link to the pattern is below or just search for Paulina dress:


This sweet little dress is worked flat top down until you get to the bottom of the buttonband. Then it’s joined in the round with an overlap as given in your post. Although the pattern recommends a size needle, it says nothing about the type (straight, circ). The Ravelry tags mention both “in the round” and “worked flat”.

You could work it with one circular as usual in the round or with 2 circulars if you don’t have the correct length circ. If you’re up for it, you could translate the lace pattern to back and forth knitting by purling the wrong side rows.


Oh what a shame. I do not have the right size circular needles. Do you think I could do the whole thing in flat and then sew it together at the back? Lesson learned - read and understand the pattern before diving in! Thanks for your help.


Yes, convert the knit rows on the wrong side to purl rows and add a selvage stitch to each side for seaming. You’ll have to figure out where to place the seam in regard to the overlap for the buttonband but it can be done.


Sometimes all those necessary details aren’t included . . . . Personally, I’d try to get the correct needles – either a set of double-points or the circulars, rather than tinker with the lace pattern, but it sounds like this one might not be too tricky to convert. I noticed something else about the pattern, though. It says the size is 0-3 months, but some of those photos obviously aren’t of a tiny baby. You might want to keep an eye on the measurements as you’re knitting to see how large or small it actually is going to be.


Yes I agree. I switched to circulars. There were a lot of things with this pattern. I was using leftover wool and did not want to buy new needles. What I have ended up with is a small (newborn size) dress. I’m good with that. Thanks for your help. I had questions on a previous sweater I was working on and when I reached out for help I was advised to “Trust the pattern” (which I did and things worked out beautifully) so that kept going through my head as I was trying to sort this one out.




Great – a positive learning experience helps prepare you for the next knitting surprise.
:slightly_smiling_face: And you’ll probably be glad you have those circulars for something else before too long.