Patttern from Pam Dawson, Aran Sweater

Left Panel pattern reads: (worked over 17 sts) First row- K1, (sl next st on to cable needle & hold in back, K2 from left hand needle, then Purl 1 from cable needle,_ P3) twice.,

Row 2 reads:- 2nd and every foll. alt. row Work across 17 sts. K all K sts and P all P sts., Noting that this row will read P1, (K1,P2,K3) twice, K1,P2,P1 So this is the part I don’t understand. it does not make sense to me :frowning:

Hi Rod, for row 2 or the ws you’ll knit what you see, just knit the K sts and purl the P sts. Usually,you will not do any cabling on the ws side unless your pattern specifically tells you to.The ‘note’ instruction is just the previous row in reverse as it is facing you after turning to begin row 2.
Hope this helps and good luck with your project.

Thank you much for your prompt reply😀 are you saying that when I turn to the wrong side to do “row 2” I should see this sequence? P1,(K1,P2,K3) twice, K1,P2,P1. As indicated after the “note” instructions?

Originally, that’s what I thought also, but upon looking at it, I don’t see that sequence, Am I looking at it wrong???:frowning:

Hi Rod, I’m not familiar with your pattern and have not found a copy to be able to read it for myself so I can only advise generally.
I think there may be an error in the order of stitches in the ‘note’ section so have offered general advice which is to knit the knits and purl the purls as you see them for row 2 the WS or reverse side. This is what you usually do in cable work on this side unless your pattern instructs otherwise. I don’t think you are looking at it wrong :smiley: