Pattons SWS for booga bag?

I have been asked to make a booga bag for a friend and she would like it striped/varigated…I am not a big fan of Noro Kuryon so would Pattons SWS make a nice striping pattern and felt up well? I have only ever felted with handspun and handpainted yarns that I buy locally…but they do not stripe reliably.

thank you

It’s not going to felt great but it could look cool with some texture. The content is 70% Wool - 30% Soy. That 30% is not really going to felt. I think the general rule of thumb is that it should be at least 85% wool in order to felt fairly evenly.

That being said… someone will have successfully done it and prove me completely wrong :teehee:

Every Michael’s I’ve been to that sells SWS has a knitted swatch and a felted swatch of it hanging. So it seems that it does felt. The swatches still show the stitches–but I think that’s lazy felting on the store’s part rather than the yarn. Because even felted swatches of 100% wool they have hanging up show stitches, and I’ve felted enough to know that you can get those stitches to pretty much vanish.

I think I’m going to make entrelac pillows with my SWS :happydance: and I’ve seem some swatches with really nice striping. Good luck!

I did it. It felted up nicely. I don’t think you can see any of the stitches in it, but the bottom may not be perfectly felted. It’s pretty fuzzy though. I think all wools are like that though. My Cascade did the same thing.


I’m glad you asked this question. I wondered the same thing. I thought about doing a Lucy bag in SWS.

WOW - I just walked by the SWS, saw the swatch and didn’t look at the fiber content…just thought they had some nice colorways. Luckily I didn’t buy it yet so if there is something else moderately priced that you would recommend…

Patons classic wool in the rosewood color is really pretty. It’s not stripey like the SWS, but it kind of looks like glazed pottery when it’s felted.

I love SWS. It felts really well (same as WOTA, Patons classic merino & cascade220, felts better than kureyon) and it felts really FAST.

seeee i tol’ja people would prove me wrong!

I have made 2 booga bags with SWS. It felts really fast and sturdy. It is a little hard to knit with because it is unspun.

I’ve actually heard that it felts REALLY well, REALY REALLY fast! I havent felted it, but made a Lady Eleanor wrap out of it, and I loved knitting woth it! :happydance:

It’s the “unspun” part about this yarn that annoys me and keeps it from being unenjoyable, but I admit that the colors are nice…

I JUST finished a Booga today in SWS. It’s the 2nd bag I’ve made and felted from SWS and it felts crazy fast. When I was reading about felting I read it might take a couple cycles to felt properly. It only took about 12 minutes for them to completely felt. In fact, I’m off to post a pic.

I enjoy working with SWS and it knits up beautifully.

I did a different felted bag with it (pic is posted; scroll down):

My advice would be to avoid the lighter shades. I’d forgotten that lighter colors don’t felt as well or as quickly. It took about 6 trips to get it to the degree of feltedness (is that a word?) that I wanted. But I’m really happy with how it turned out!