I am knitting a poncho in the round. Somewhee along the ling I have wound the rows, so now I cannot straighten them out. Do I need to start completely over? Or is there a way to untwist ?

Sorry, when your knitting gets twisted like that, there’s no saving it.

I guess that’s why patterns always say ‘join, [B]being careful not to twist’[/B].

Regardless of how bold they make it, we’ve all been there.:pout:

If your caston row is kind of spiralling or twisting around the needle than most people unravel. It is possible to stitch a channel (two lines) and cut down the middle, like a steek, then rejoin in the correct orientation, but this will leave a seam and you’d generally have to be pretty desperate to go this far. However for a poncho and depending on how much you hate the idea of starting over again you may prefer this way…