I’m just wondering what you do when you come across a pattern you like. Do you just bookmark it, print it, save it to your computer? I’ve just been bookmarking them but now I’m thinking of printing them out and starting a binder.

I save it as a PDF and put it in a folder. Print it out when/if I need to.

I don’t trust my computer not to die.

I keep a copy in pdf on there, but if it’s really special I print out a copy and file it away.

hmm, how do you save it as a pdf? I don’t see that when I try to save as.

I always print them out. My computer has Hal-ed out on me far too many times.

Nadja xxx

You can use a program like this, and “print” a page using the PDF writer to make it a PDF file, which just ends up being saved on your computer, which you can print out later.

I need to organize my bookmarks at least, but then I get used to knowing were certain ones are!

I bookmark them and save the PDF if the pattern has it, but I just use Wordpad otherwise. I copy and paste the info and photos and save them all to a folder on my computer called Patterns. (Clever name, eh?) :teehee: I also print the ones I think I want to give a try. I have a binder with patterns in it.

This is what I have done. For the patterns I’ve already knit, I’ve included the gauge of the yarn in the pattern in case I want to/need to substitute, as well as any notes about the pattern. I think it’s a good system. :thumbsup:

i have bought the binder and the plastic sheet protector thingies.

yeah that’s all. :roll:

But hey, a big gold star for effort right?! :happydance:

lol sure… i will take a gold star any ol’ time! :star: Most of the time i have to remember what search i used when i googled for the pattern because i always figure i will never forget it and don’t save it to my favorites…seriously… I am a genius… :whoosh: …lol

In the save as dialog box, if the name you save it under (can be anything, not just the page name) ends with .pdf, that should save it in as a pdf file.


I bookmark them, but I’ve been thinking about printing them all and archiving them :slight_smile: you never know when your computer might die… :shrug:

If it’s not already a PDF, I usually save the webpage as an html file, this works for most patterns.

If you’re on a PC, when you’re viewing the page, in the browser you can go to the File menu, in that select ‘Save page as’, when the save dialogue box comes up select “Web page, complete” in the “Save as Type” drop down menu (should be near the bottom of the save window). Click save and you’re done!

It’ll save a little folder where you tell it to, that contains all the images etc and that matches the name of an html file. Then it’ll open up in a browser pictures and all when ever you want it. And you don’t have to worry about the pattern moving or being taken down.