Patterns line by line

I dont know if I imagined it but is there a website where each pattern is written line by line as opposed to knitters shorthand??


Not that I know of, but–we’re all happy to provide translation services if you’re having a problem understanding something.

Eventually it will all make sense.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


And, if u look in the upper right hand corner u will see a tab “Abbreviations Explained” that may help.
Also, a tip…I always type up a cheat sheet with patterns…I type
Row 1: directions
Row 2: directions
Etc & use a magnetic board & have a long, thin magnetic strip that I put under the row that I am working…works like a charm :wink:
Oh, and if there is an abbreviation in a pattern that I am not familiar with, I’ve typed the explanation at the top of the cheat sheet.
You may want to print a copy of abbreviations so that you can have it at your side as u knit.
Happy Knitting…don’t worry, u will get it…and there’s always someone around to lend a hand :wink:

there IS a book where the directions are written close to line by line. It’s Knit One, Felt Too, and I bought it SPECIFICALLY because the directions are so easy to read. If you can find it at a bookstore, check it out and see if that helps. (the projects ARE all intedned to be felted, so if you’re not into that then this book wouldn’t help)