Patterns how to read

what does it mean when a design pattern says it is 16+6 …what does that mean ?

At first guess, I would say it’s a pattern that uses 16 sts for a repeated pattern, or it’s a pattern that repeats 16 times, but either way, there are 6 sts in addition to that. In other words, let’s say it’s a scarf and you cast on 54 sts. You could have a 3 st border, then a pattern which takes 16 sts and that happens 3 times (16 X 3 = 48) and then the 3 st border again. Those 3 sts at each end would be the extra 6, which added to the 48 would be 54. But can you give that sentence in more of a context of the whole design, more of the paragraph?

It sounds like the stitch pattern repeat takes a multiple of 16 st plus 6 more, not necessarily for edge sts though. So you would need 22, 38, 54 sts, etc.

I forgot to say thanks to all that helped me…thank you…I think I have it figured out now…I hope