Patterns for Patons Grace

I have two skeins of Patons Grace yarn in Taupe. I purchased this a few months ago when I first started knitting and I was going to attempt making booties for a friend’s baby out of it, but that never worked out. Now, I have this yarn sitting in my newly collected stash and I keep trying to figure out what to do with it.

I want to make a thin long scarf out of it, but have not been able to find a pattern that I think works with this type of yarn. Since, it is so thin, I thought a lace scarf pattern would like nice with it. So, I tried the Branching Out scarf from and other random lace patterns out of the book The Knitting Directory. The problem is that I get about 4" to 5" into the scarf and don’t like the way the lace looks with this yarn. The yarn overs make it look like I’ve just made mistakes instead of an intentional design being placed into the scarf. :??

Any suggestions? -Ve

Maybe you need smaller needles?

I think you are right. I was knitting it on the suggested size 6 needles. I’ll try downsizing to 4’s tonight and see what happens. Thanks Sue. -Ve