Patterns for newbies?

just wondering if anyone has some good patterns for a newbie like me just started knitting today was thinking of making a scarf but would love to try and make a blanket. Any Suggestions???

To be honest I think you need to do a practice piece to help even out your tension and make you feel comfortable before diving into a big project like a blanket. Blankets can be very overwhelming or mind numbingly boring because they are so big. :wink:

Just cast on 30 stitches or so and then just knit on both sides (garter stitch). When you have a good grasp of that then add some purling. If you knit one row then purl one row and alternate like that you’ll get stockinette which is what people traditionally of as knitting. Ribbing is a combination of knits and purls in one row.

Thank you for the reply, I know how to do the garter stitch , i learned from a video from cyberseams , i had to see how it was done and i’m left-handed also.I would have to practice how to purl. but i guess i the first project that i should start with is a scarf. Then i could make a blanket even a baby blanket , i’m up for a challenge :slight_smile:

If you truly want to make a baby blanket there is one in garter stitch that is super easy. All you need to learn is a yarn over (YO) increase and a knit two together (k2tog) decrease. Both are very simple and are in the video links on the tab above.

This one is all garter with only changes in needle size to create the pattern.

Either one of these could also be an adult blanket/afghan…it’s just a matter of size. And I do [U][I]highly[/I][/U] recommend you use circular needles for these. They get heavy and large and if you use a circ the weight of the blanket rests on the cable so your arms don’t have to carry the weight. I’d suggest a 32 in for a baby one.

Dish/Washcloths are great because they’re small. You can use one to practice one stitch and one for another stitch. Also, you can use the same principle to knit up enough squares for an afghan. That way you’re not working on one big blanket and getting bored. :slight_smile:

Thank you to the both of you for your answers