Patterns for Men

Hey there! I’m a male knitter with a bit of an inconveniece. Although I love knitting things for my girl friends, there seems to be a scarcity of patterns for men. Bags? sweaters? scarves? ties? I know you ladies have those patterns somewhere!!

girlfriends? lol

sorry i am not any help in that as i haven’t looked for any. maybe googling knitting patterns for men?

There’s quite a few men’s patterns here. Can’t say whether they are great or not, because I haven’t looked at length…but there are a bunch!

Welcome Nathan! Love your username. DH is a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan.

Have you looked through the free patterns section on this site yet? Those are all of my favorite free patterns (compiled 4 or 5 months ago, from and from faerycrafty’s blog. I looked through thousands and thousands of patterns to make that index of 550+ links).

Check out the men’s sweaters, the gloves, the socks, the bags, and don’t forget the fun misc. section (that’s where you’ll find men’s ties!).


Cable knits are great for men! I did a cable scarf for my DH. He wore it a coupla times but I think the slagging at work got to him as he’s never worn it since!

Now I’m thinking of making him a sweater. Tell me I’m not insane!

eh hem…girlfriends as in girls that are friends :stuck_out_tongue: Do you really think a male knitter is straight? :wink: Thanks for all the tips, I checked out this site a bit more thoroughly and have found some good projects to get going!
amy - thanks! :slight_smile:
Egeria - go for it!!! You may be crazy, but that doesn’t hinder you from throwing down some fab cables!

True 'nuff! And I wouldn’t let him wear a cable sweater to work either so he might just get away with it. Will be checking out some books today so hopefully I find something he likes the look of!

Of course, I’m on a yarn diet at the moment so whatever I find will have to wait. Man I hate dieting!

Actually, Joel is here so he can bond with his wife! Which is quite admirable, unless Joel is a big, fat liar. (Im kidding, Joel!!!)
WELCOME, Kilgore!! :waving:
Love, KellyK, owner of THIS BOOK.

lmao…well why the heck are all my gay friends making me knit for THEM then…sheeeeeeeeesh i’m being robbed! :wink:

Brenda, it just menas that your knitting is so superior that they’re too embarassed to even try!

lol…wow look at that…impressive flattery…even if it is all lies! :wink:

nah they are taking up a collection to get me a rocking chair to do my knitting in. i don’t wanna tell them that i am secretly psyched at that idea! :lol:

Phildar has great sweater patterns for men in their catalogs. You can see all of the available patterns from each catalog on their site. So cool! I just received my order from them in less than a week. The instructions are in french, but i have heard they are easy to follow. I have a very limited understanding of french, since highschool was quite awhile ago. I plan on using an online translator to help. They are also available from a store in canada with an english insert. Postage to the states was more than i was willing to pay though.