Patterns for bulky yarn?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any patterns for bulky yarn. I picked up 7 skeins, mostly lopi, for $5 at a flea market today. :cheering: They are all differant colors, but compliment nicely. Any thoughts? And is there anywhere that lists free patterns by yarn weight? Thanks so much.

Here’s one that lists needle size with the pattern.

These aren’t free, but they are sorted by yarn weight!

Bulky weight here:

Different yarn sizes under "General Pattern List"

You might be able to find these at your library.

I think Lopi felts well too, but you’d have to try a swatch to be sure.

Lopi felts well but its fuzzy. So if you don’t like your felted objects looking like a hairball…stay away!

Thanks for the suggestions. I knitted a swatch with all the colors yesterday and I think they would make a nice scarf. I think I may try doing horizontal stripes, anyone tried this before? Thanks again :slight_smile:

blanket perhaps?