Patterns for Big men

I seen some of the patterns for big folks and they all look like Omar the Tent maker made them.
I know it hard to do much shaping if you are knitting for a big person but I know it can be done.

I am a big guy and want to make a sweater for myself that does not look like I have a hole cut in a sheet on.

Anyone know of patters or how to adjust a pattern for larger sizes?


You don’t give any numbers as to ‘big’ but perhaps some ideas here:

Vermont Fiber says they are ‘Your Hand Knitting Pattern Source Sizes XX-Small to Plus Size 6X-Large.’

Norling has a cardi that goes to 68" and I’m working on one of her vest patterns that has chest of 60".

ETA: If you find a larger pattern you like and want to alter it to your size, you can DL this small, easy program:

Input your measurements (of garment sz you desire) and it’ll calc the new working numbers (stitches, incs, decs) for you.

You can also find lots of helpful info here:

Good luck!