Patterns for beginners

any ideas for a project for a beginner knitter?

What do you want to make? Are you wanting to jump in the deep end and try something like a sweater, maybe something a little easier like a hat, or something small and useful to practice on and still have a usable item at the end? You can search for easy projects within any category.

i am not ready for clothing. but would like make something useful.

The dishcloth pattern N0obKnitter linked to is a good one. It can make a dish/wash cloth or go bigger and make a triangle shawl or a square blanket. It’s a good basic pattern to get acquainted with. I’m at that time suck right now looking for a pattern for a hat. They have tons of wash cloth patterns that can be made larger for whatever square or rectangular thing you want. There are scarves too, generally popular. Have a look around and see what catches your fancy, you can ask anything about it or for help here of course!

Bottle and cup copies are good, too. I use my hand knit dishcloths a lot.

I think the dishcloths are a great idea. A scarf can be easy too as you can do pretty much any stitch or combo and use any yarn to make a scarf.

Cozies? Autocorrect? :mrgreen:

Dang. :doh: Yes cozies! :lol:
Here’s a few easy ones-

I want to make this one for me!

I want to do the owl cozy too! I did a dish cloth pattern with the cabled owl and was surprised at how easy it was.

I thought the clarification of [I]cozies[/I] mattered because of the OP’s request for beginner patterns. I think a lot of us simply read what you meant. If/when I get to post from something other than my laptop, I wonder what my autoincorrects will be. :mrgreen:

It does matter so thanks for noticing. Those autocorrects drive me nuts although they can be amusing. :teehee: It mostly happens when I’m using my iPad and I’m two finger typing. When I type from my phone using thumbs it’s much better.

i found a pattern for stockinette stitch dish cloth
it says to cast on 40
knit 4 rows
row 1 knit across
row2 k3 purl to last 3, then k3

is row 1 really row5?

Apparently the pattern doesn’t count the border as rows with numbers so yes, in this case the 5th row you do will be considered row 1.

I agree with all of our members! Flat knitting is a good way to learn and become adept at handling the yarn, the needles, and gauge.

I know someone who likes to knit swatches, trying out different needles and yarn for the same pattern stitch. Just to see how things work when you change needle size with the same yarn…or change the yarn weight with the same needle size.

She then gives the swatches to her daughter to use with her little miniature dollies.

I found it most interesting one time, in a knitting shop, the owner had several swatches displayed for the same yarn, but with a variety of needle sizes. It demonstrated how versatile a yarn can be.

I love my handknit dishcloths and face cloths! It was so much fun to knit a pile of face cloths recently!

Here’s my project page for these (green) face cloths. It’s a Ravelry page, but even if you’re not a member of Rav, I think you can view and read stuff over there.

Warning: you have to use COTTON yarn for cloths. My first one was acrylic. Acrylic doesn’t really absorb.