Patterns = confused me

Is there a page somewhere to learn how to read patterns. Because I know the basics and want to try a harder project than a scarf. (wheeee) But I look at the patterns and become lost at sea very very quickly.

The Glossary page has the abbreviations used in most patterns and many of them have videos. If you want to type out a line or two (not the whole pattern) or a link to one, and what it is that you don’t understand, many of us here will be happy to help interpret for you.

Found the glossary page already. I’m trying to make a cap and three places are really confusing me.

"pick up 84 sts from edge of band… Join and p 1 rnd."
What does she mean by join?

For the decreasing part I get the K4 then K2tog. Repeat, but what does she mean by “K 1 round even?” Even???

“Next round: K0. *K2tog. Repeat from * around” <— totally lost at sea here…

Join is when you’re working in the round. Pick up the sts from the edge and then purl the first stitch you picked up, forming a circle.

Even means `keep the stitch number even’ which is no increases or decreases.
For your size you don’t knit the first st (zero) but go directly to k2tog. Do k2tog all the way round, for every st.

I see. Thanks. I shall attempt a cap now. It will be interesting. But in a fun way.