Patterns and attention to detail

I just have to grip a little bit…I bought a pattern and was so excited about knitting the item and the pattern gave so little details that I am not going to even try to use it. …knitting should be fun not frustrating.

I have found that many of the patterns that I have purchased (as opposed to the wonderful free ones that I have found on line) just don’t give enough detail.

Call me crazy… but I think a pattern should give you enough details that you don’t have to reference every other source you can find. No, I don’t expect the pattern to include details of every stitch but if they say increase or decrease, I think they should tell you which way to increase or decrease is recommended to create the desired effect. I love Amy’s tutorial on increase and decrease (who knew there were so many ways) but I shouldn’t have to reference that page every time I try to follow a pattern to figure out which way is best but I shouldn’t have to figure out what the pattern designer intended.

Can I give you a little advice? Don’t stress so much. You’re right, knitting SHOULD be fun and not frustrating! If it says increase, and doesn’t tell you what kind of increase, take that as creative license to do whatever increase you want to do. If they have a specific technique in mind, they’ll tell you. Otherwise, it’s up to you.

Most patterns are written for the average knitter… someone who knows all the basics of knitting, as well as pattern reading. But please don’t feel like you’re inadequate if you have to reference other sources. I think we ALL do that from time to time! And that is what teaches you more and more skills. Keep it up and pretty soon, you’ll be an experienced knitter! :thumbsup:

I found that when I started out, although I was rarin’ to do everything knittable under the sun, if I stuck to books for beginners, it really helped. Much more in the way of directions.

Also, I’ve found that if I read books on knitting, even if I’m not making the project shown, I’ve picked up tips. (same with cooking!) Elizabeth Zimmerman books are good for that, but there are tons of other ones. Websites, too.

The main thing is, enjoy!

I’m right there with you Louine. In my current project, it says to increase in pattern one stitch on each side. Well the pattern is seed stitch. I have no clue how to do that without having two knits or two purls in a row. I ended up reworking the pattern to do in the round but that just caused other problems with my increases. laugh