I just found this site through an ad on knitty. I wanted to pass along that it is a really neat source of patterns.

THEY ARE [COLOR=red]NOT[/COLOR] FREE but the cost is $3.00-6.50ish and are in pdf format so instantly “downloadable”. I like that you can enter the type pattern and the gauge of yarn to narrow down options. A great way to find patterns for that "stash"yarn!

Thanks, Ginny! Great site and appreciate you sharing it!!!

Here’s the link. Great site, thanks!

This site is INCREDIBLE!!! The patterns are amazing, and worth every penny. They list all the details of the pattern. And I promise, I don’t work for them!:slight_smile: Really-- check it out. Thank you GinnyG!:muah:

I agree great site !!Thanks!!

Joy Joy!!! I’ve been communicating with and they will be posting my “Modified Extended Hemlock Ring” tablecloth pattern on September 23!!! Thanks again, for posting the link!


Wow! That is so cool!