Isn’t this pretty? I wanna make it but i have only ever added small charts and stripes to my mitts. What method of colour change do i use? I have recently put up some posts and think im ready to try something more than what i do now. I thank you for allyour input! XOXOXOX

The mittens are stranded and knit in the round. It makes them double-thick, too!

Those are VERY pretty mittens…

Thanks guys! What a great gift for a wine drinker eh? Ingrid you were the original person to give me advise and clear up the diff b/t intarsia and stranded. Thank you so much for your continued help. I can’t tell you how valuable it has been to have you as a contact. I don’t have any one in my family or group of friends who knits so you have really been a gem. Thank you. I may have to contact you again before the end of these mitts. They look pretty easy though. Do you have any links that are stranded method related i should look at before i start?
Thanks again!:grphug: :hug: :muah:

I’m more than happy to help!!

Philosopher’s Wool site had a video on two-handed stranding, I believe.

And that Knitting Help site has video, as well.:teehee:

Other than that, I’m sure there would be results with Google.

I learned from a book. You know, in the olden days before computers? :shifty:

Oh the philosephers video is really fabulous! I love that woman!!! Okay that was very very helpfull. So for the cuff of this mitt it’s just knit purl with two diff colours?

Yes–you’ll find that you have to move the yarns back and forth. Let’s see. You’ll knit the two, and leave the yarn to the back. Then bring the purl yarn to the front and purl 2, then bring it back before you knit the next two.

It sounds obvious, and may be, but with the two yarns, sometimes one is in the wrong spot when you do the next and you have to tink back.