My grandaughters want hats made with the new yarn foxy but I find there is no warmth to it just a lot of fuzzy. Does anyone have or know of pattern combining the yarns so I can get some warmth into the hat as we live in Manitoba. They also have requested the fuzzy be all over the hat.
Tricia :XX: :XX:

I think you could just double strand it with a wool or alpaca and it would be plenty warm.

are you looking for something to felt? Is that particular yarn a really thin yarn with lots of fuzzy or is the core on it thicker. if it isn’t terribly thick you can pretty much take most patterns and just double strand it i think. If it is thick then find a pattern that calls for double stranding and have at it.

how old are the grand daughters? how big are the heads we are looking to cover?

My grandaughters are three and six. The yarn is very thin but the wool shop I bought it from said I would have to rework the pattern math if I wanted to double strand it. I questioned this in my mind because I had seen a women’s hat while on vacation that had been double stranded for stability and it seemed to work just fine.
Thanks so much for the prompt answers to my questions
Tricia :XX:

i would say do a test swatch with whatever yarn you want to use and then see what the gauge looks like with that extra yarn. it may change it a little bit but i have a feeling it wouldn’t be tooo much and if you use it with a felted hat it would shrink everything down but the fuzz anyway (unless that fuzz is a natural material of course!)

i am very partial to this pattern. and i think it would look very cute with the fuzzy yarn! When i made it i gave it to my friend’s 2 year old. I used bulky yarn and i tend to knit a bit loose i think. it shrunk down to fit her 20 inch head without any pulling over the head. (not sure if that makes sense but it basically plopped down on her head but wasn’t so loose that it fell off) and since it is felted i would think that it would be pretty forgiving for them too!

yeah the curliq’s were pretty horrible but i loved the look so much that i am embarking on another! :wink: