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Hi all,

I am looking for a simple T-sweater pattern. I am willing to purchase it from someone. I want an adult size. I have the pattern that the Guideposts uses for its charity sweaters and have knitted quite a few of those…but would like to do one for myself.

Thanks for any assistance.


You might want to look through the patterns at . All free, lots of variety.

Nothin’ but a T-shirt :thumbsup:

I love that pattern, but it has waist decreases and I definitely don’t!

Then make it without them - I don’t put them in. Instead of doing the decrease and increase rows, just knit straight.


:roflhard:i’d have to knit INCREASES!

Heh… my socalled waist is still smaller than my chest, but rapidly approaching the size of my hips. I used to be a sorta \ / but I’m turning into a | |…