I have just finished the first side of a tank top i am knitting and it says in the pattern for the front side:

work as given for back to ✱✱

does anyone know what this means?
Im not sure if you wanted to see the whole pattern but i didnt include it because of copyright and all of that!!

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Hi, you work the front side the same as you did for the back until you reach the ** point. You will most likely start the front neck shaping at this point.
Hope this helps.

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one quick question:
in my pattern the armholes and neckline are included before the ✱✱

still a bit confused…

What pattern is it? Can you post a portion of the front instructions that are confusing you?
If the pattern says to work the front the same as for the back up to a certain point ( which does usually include the armhole shaping and, as you are making a tank top, might also include some neck shaping if the front mirrors the back up to a point) then you can proceed with the front to the ** point.